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2018 Conference Events:

1st annual "Chime In and Wine In" Roundtable Series, Monday May 21, 5:15-6:15

NYS ATSA and NYS Alliance are pleased to announce the 1st annual Chime In and Wine In Round Table Series, an opportunity for conference attendees to network and discuss important topics and challenges in the work we do each day. Three cocktail hour-type mixers will take place simultaneously in side-by-side rooms. Park yourself down in one, or visit all three if you want to partake in multiple conversations! In reviewing the 2017 conference surveys, along with feedback from board members and conference committee volunteers, the following 2018 Spotlight Topics have been chosen:

 Women in Forensics: When it comes to working with individuals with sexual behavior problems, being a female professional brings unique challenges. Fortunately, our field is discussing how gender impacts our work more and more each year. Both men and women can discuss their experiences, approaches, and stumbling blocks when it comes to understanding and managing the experience of women in this work.

 For the Next Generation: How can our field foster the development of students and new professionals in our field? What challenges do new professionals face? What experiences and resources can be shared to facilitate the successful integration of an informed and prepared next generation of professionals preventing sexual violence in New York State? Let's talk about it!

Legislative Forum: Laws and policies aiming to prevent sexual abuse change all the time...except for when they stay the same for decades. Registration, community notification, residency restrictions, youthful offending laws etc., impact the work we do every day. Stay informed, and find out how we can inform lawmakers with research supported policy.

Sex Ed by Porn: Special Presentation by Maree Crabbe, Monday May 21, 7:00-9:00pm

Young people need support to navigate healthy development in this new reality -- and YOU play a pivotal role. Addressing pornography's influence is a challenging task, but ignoring it is no longer an option -- it's not going away.
Join expert Maree Crabee on Monday, May 21 from 7pm to 9pm at the Saratoga Holiday Inn for a two-hour program to explore why schools need to address pornography in order to equip students for healthy, respectful relationships in the 21st century, and how they can go about it. It is suitable for school administrators, teachers, student counselors, parents, and others involved in young people's care and education.

Saratoga Springs Park Runs and Walks, Monday May 21 + Tuesday May 22 at 6:30am and 7:00am

Joint Conference Welcome Reception and Alliance 30th Birthday Celebration, Tuesday May 22 6:00pm, at The Thirsty Owl, Saratoga Springs

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Our Mission:

  • To reduce the level of sexual victimization;
  • To promote the increase, uniformity, and quality of assessment and treatment services for juvenile abusers and adult sex offenders;
  • To promote the development of a fully integrated continuum of services to sexual offenders;
  • To promote legislation on issues and funding for programs impacting sex offenders and survivors;
  • To promote offender accountability through restitution, mediation, treatment, supervision and incarceration and;
  • To promote community safety through confinement of sex offenders not amenable to community-based services.

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Join us at this year's NYS ATSA/ NYS Alliance joint conference in Albany NY. May 21, 22, 23 at the Holiday Inn in Saratoga Springs, NY.